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Oral Airways & Oxygen Masks

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How Does Airway Management Work?

There are a few options for airway management. The simplest way is to forcibly clear the airway, through the Heimlich maneuver, blows to the upper back, or reaching into the personís mouth to remove the object. Oxygen tanks and masks are used for someone who is not getting enough oxygen to their brain. CPR is an airway management technique as it forces blood and oxygen to move through the body. There are also Berman Airway tools, which are inserted into the esophagus to prevent an unconscious person from suffocating on their own tongue.

What Is Oxygen Used for In First Aid?

Oxygen is used to help treat patients that have become suddenly ill or injured. Oxygen therapy is for patients who are struggling to breathe on their own or not getting enough oxygen. A lack of oxygen can quickly cause the person to go into shock and permanent brain damage.

How To Tell If Someone Needs Oxygen

If a person or patient has any of the following symptoms, they may be suffering from low oxygen levels. In any situation where oxygen is needed, call 911. 911 operators can also provide additional patient analysis over the phone.
Shortness of Breath
Fast Heartbeat
Confusion and or Lack of Focus
Bluish Color in the Skin, Fingernails, or Lips

Note: Shortness of breath, fast heartbeat, coughing, and wheezing are all common occurrences. If these symptoms occur when someone has not been exercising, or has been sleeping or resting, then low oxygen levels are likely.