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Eye Care Supplies

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Eye Care Products

Eyes are the most important of your five senses therefore proper eye care is essential to maintaining the health of your eyes and your overall health too. Using eye care products today is an easy way to prevent eye disease in the future. By using items such as eye drops, eye care kits, eye pads, sunglasses and synthetic tears, you can preserve the health of your eyes.

We provide some of the best eye care products available today which are intended to cover a wide range of needs. Eye care kits, are designed to relieve irritation, discomfort, burning or itching caused by water, chemicals or other foreign materials. In today’s busy, chaotic world, you never know when you might need a quick eye fix. Our eye care kit offers the following eye care products: (2) eye washes to flush-out eyes, 2 cold packs to soothe irritation as well as eye cups and tape to temporarily shield eyes. Fieldtex also offers a variety of ointments which can be used to treat sties, allergies and other irritations.

Additional eye care products we carry are eye drops which are used to relieve redness and irritation caused by wind, sun, pollen etc. Drops hydrate the eyes and can be used consistently throughout a day. Take care of your eyes by using some of America’s best eye care products and also by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Remember Fieldtex offers a variety of health care products at an affordable price so check out our first aid supplies section today!