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Cannula & Tubing

Open Airways with Nasal Cannulas & Oxygen Tubing

For any emergency clinic, hospital or hospice center, airway supplies are going to be a must to keep on hand. The nasal cannula provides life-saving oxygen straight to the nose. Whether someone is suffering from a chronic condition such as emphysema, or recovering from an extensive surgery, nasal cannulas & oxygen tubing on hand will help keep them healthy.

How to Keep Oxygen Tubing from Kinking and Tangling

The easiest way is to keep as much of the tubing coiled as possible. This will keep the tubing organized and out of the way, so it won’t catch on furniture or get stepped on. Keeping tubes coiled also keeps everything in a “straight line”, so it won’t cross over itself and get tangled.

Why Do Cannulas and Oxygen Tubing Change Color and Get Hard?

Oxygen tubing and Cannula are made of a nylon-based plastic, and the oils produced from your skin will deteriorate the nylon. This causes changes in color and texture.

How Often Should You Change Cannula?

Depending on how frequently the cannula is being used will impact how frequently it needs to be changed. For infrequent use, change both the cannula and tubing every 3-6 months, and for frequent use, change the cannula monthly and the tubing every 2-6 months. Sicknesses will also require more frequent changes to prevent reinfection.