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You should never administer CPR without a mask or shield

People have been learning and administering cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) for decades. The process of CPR has been saving lives for a very long time but unfortunately there are risks for those that take the time to learn CPR and have the ability to save lives. Helping revive someone that has their airway blocked can save them but as the rescuer you don't have any way of knowing whether that person has a diseases that can be transmitted to you while you are helping them.

What is a CPR Mask?

The CPR Mask, also known as the CPR face shield is a one way barrier that allows a first responder to breath air into the patients lungs without allowing any bodily fluids to be transferred back to the first responder. CPR masks come in a few different stylers and they range from the very basic face shield that is a piece of clear plastic with a mouth piece in it that looks like a straw. To the full rescue breather that is a large moulded mouth piece that fits in the mouth.

What are the risks of CPR?

Any time a person has to engage in mouth to mouth resuscitation with a stranger, they run the risk of contracting a deadly infectious disease such as AIDS that can transferred thru bodily fluids. This is the reason that the CPR face mask was created to prevent the transfer of bodily fluid from the patient to the first responder.