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Empty Medical Bags & First Aid Boxes offers an assortment of empty first aid pouches, bags, and boxes that allow you to assemble a first aid kit that fits your specific needs. Stocking an empty first aid bag or box with quality equipment and supplies allows you to completely customize your kit for emergency situations that you are likely to encounter. e-FirstAidSupplies offers bags and first aid boxes in a variety of shapes and sizes so that you can build the perfect custom first aid kit that you need.

Why You Should Purchase Empty First Aid Boxes & Medical Bags

  • Value: Offering high-quality empty first aid bags at competitive prices to ensure your satisfaction. By building your own first aid kit, you only have to buy the supplies that you need, saving you money on supplies that you will never use.
  • Quality: Our selection of empty medical bags allows you to find a case that is perfect for your situation. Almost all of our bags are made in house unlike most of our competitors. Leading to higher quality and opportunity to customize.
  • Selection: An empty medical bag is ideal for first aid on the go because it is flexible and lightweight. e-FirstAidSupplies also provides empty first aid boxes made of plastic and metal for wall mounting, as well as heavier protection for your supplies. Not sure what type of empty medical kit box you need? Our experts can help you select the right box for any application.

Create Your Own Custom First Aid Kit With Our Empty Boxes & Bags

Our first aid boxes, pouches and bags are ideal for making a kit that meets your personal first aid needs. We strive to offer quality empty bags and boxes that can be relied on to contain all of your first aid supplies. If you are looking for a complete kit, we have a large selection of Pre-assembled first aid kits as well.

What Can Empty First Aid Boxes Contain?

OSHA and Mayoclinic present lists of necessary items that should be found in first-aid kits/cabinets.

Where Can a First Aid Box Be Stored Safely?

The cabinet should be stored securely in a cool, dry, place. All staff should be informed of its location. The first aid cabinet needs to be installed in an area easily accessible to everyone. The first aid provider should not have to travel through multiple hallways, stairways, or an elevator in order to access the supplies. First Aid Supplies should not be stored in a kitchen or breakroom to avoid contamination with food. A dedicated room for first aid can be an acceptable substitute for a cabinet, but still needs to be easily accessible.