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Spill Cleanup and Surface Cleaners

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Spill Cleanup Products

When a spill occurs, don’t expose yourself or others to a potential biohazard. Choose from our extensive inventory to practice proper cleanup procedure according to ANSI standards.

Selection: Fieldtex offers a variety of quality products and kits that safely and effectively cleanup. Some options including a solidifier, nitrile gloves, safety shield, gown, scoop and scraper, wiper pad, sharps disposal container, bio-waste bag/tag and an absorbent sheet.
Value: Accidents happen! Whether you are an athlete or a teacher, you should have a Spill clean up kits on hand to safely dispose of hazardous materials such as chemicals, blood or other body fluids. Safely sanitize and remove tough stains with our spill cleanup products.
Quality: Our items are made from the highest quality materials to implement safety measures in your life. Our kits are specially curated by our staff and offered at a reasonable price point.

Purchase a Spill Cleanup kit with your First Aid Kit to eliminate stains and germs after an emergency. Keep this in your car, your classroom, office, or restaurant for all your needs.