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Spill Cleanup and Surface Cleaners

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Spill Cleanup Products

When you spill chemicals or bodily fluids, it is rare that you’re going to want to clean the mess up with your bare hands. Depending on what you spill you’re likely exposing yourself or your employees to biohazard situation. We have built an offering of Spill clean up supplies that you should considering keeping on hand next to your first aid kit for easy access. Proper cleanup procedure is important and is actually outlined by an ANSI standard.

Selection: We offer a small point efficient line cleaning products and kits that are useful in any facility. Some products include solidifiers, nitrile gloves, safety eye shields, gowns, scoops and scrapers, cleaning pad, sharps disposal container, bio-waste bags and absorbent sheets.
Value: Accidents happen! Whether Its a student barfing in the cafateria or a chemical dropped in the lab, you should have a Spill clean up kits on hand to safely dispose of hazardous materials such as chemicals, blood or other body fluids. Safely sanitize and remove tough stains with our spill cleanup products.
Quality: We screen the products we add to our line to make sure they are the highest quality materials to control spils. Our kits are specially designed by our staff and offered at a reasonable price point.

Purchase a Spill Cleanup kit with your First Aid Kit to eliminate contamination and bacteria after an accident. Keep this in your car, your classroom, office, or restaurant for all your needs.