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Pre Wrap

What is Pre Wrap and do I Really Need it

Foam underwrap or pre wrap can be used for a multitude of purposes. Pre wrap is commonly used to protect the skin from harsh adhesive bandages for comfort and easy removal. Pre wrap is also frequently used to temporarily support joints while playing sports or when mildly injured.

Many users utilize the light, elasticity of the foam to make hair accessories and to keep hair out of their face, minimizing distraction and discomfort. Colored pre wrap is a great way to show team support and unity. Depending on your needs, another type of e-first aid Supplies medical tape may be more beneficial to your unique situation.

Is Pre-wrap Necessary?
Pre-wrap is not necessary, but it is usually a good idea. If your skin doesn’t get irritated easily, then you may not need pre-wrap for occasional athletic tape usage. If you wear athletic tape on a regular basis, then pre-wrap is a great idea. Not only will it help protect your skin, but it will also keep the wrapped part of your body cool.

When Should You Use Pre-wrap?
Pre-wrap is very useful when you’ve sustained a fairly serious injury and need to wear athletic tape for extended periods of time or are repeatedly removing and reapplying the tape. Most athletic tapes are nonporous, so they will trap sweat against the skin, which causes the skin to wrinkle and become irritated. If you are repeatedly reapplying the tape the strong adhesive will pull out hairs and small amounts of skin.