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Fire Equipment

Fire fighters and homeowners alike should always have a well-stocked supply of fire equipment for emergencies. Firefighters cannot properly protect people unless they are well equipped, and likewise, a homeowner should always have emergency fire equipment in case of an accident. e-FirstAidSupplies has a large selection of fire prevention and storage supplies for fire fighting equipment. No one ever wants to be faced with an emergency, but when they do come, it is always better to be prepared.

What Are the Five Classes of Fires?

The fire classes are distinguished by what substance is burning or caused the fire.
Class A: Solid materials ex. wood, paper
Class B: Liquids ex. gasoline, alcohol
Class C: Electrical fires
Class D: Metallic fires ex. Sodium, titanium, magnesium
Class K: Grease and oil fires (cooking)

Why Are There Different Classes of Fires?

There are different classes of fires because the substance being burned, or the cause of fire, determines how it needs to be extinguished. Class A fires, for instance, can be extinguished with water, but no other class can.

How Often Should a Fire Extinguisher be Inspected? For businesses, fire extinguishers need both a monthly visual inspection to read the pressure gauge, and check for signs of damage or rust and an annual inspection by a fire extinguisher maintenance company. Home fire extinguishers should be inspected monthly, but do not need yearly maintenance inspections. Most fire extinguishers are good for 5-15 years.