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Medical Fullfillment

Medical Fulfillment

Learn more about our services and expertise in medical fulfillment

Medical Fulfillment

Healthcare Fulfillment and Medical Kitting

When it comes to healthcare fulfillment services are focus is build to suit projects that meet the demands of the medical sector. From pharmaceuticals to medical devices, we understand the importance of handling sensitive products with the delicate requirements. Our medical kitting programs streamline the packaging and distribution process, allowing for efficient delivery to healthcare facilities and end users alike.

Experience in the Medical Supplies Space

Operating in the medical supply chain requires more than just basic logistical expertise; it demands a deep understanding of the unique regulations and nuances of the healthcare industry. At Fieldtex, our extensive experience working with customers in the healthcare space sets us apart as a trusted partner for healthcare plans and medical kit developers. We have navigated Yearly CMA rule changes and Update to HIPPA rules as well as built systems procedures for handling Patient PHI when delivering specialty supplies.

We have established long term relationships customers packaging treatment kits and monthly subscription programs delivering supplies at regular intervals.

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