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Automotive First Aid Kits

Why should you purchase an automotive first aid kit?

In the event of a roadside emergency, everyone should be prepared with an automotive first aid kit in their vehicle. Whether you only drive locally or you’re embarking on a cross country road trip, you our first aid kits will let you treat minor wounds as needed or respond to major injuries until you can see a medical professional.

Why E-First Aid Supplies Automotive Kits?

Being prepared has the potential to save lives, as professional help is not always immediately available. These kits are specifically manufactured for cars, trucks and RVs packed with reliable, high-quality products. Specific to our automotive first aid kits, we include auto report forms to document in the case of an accident. Something missing? With options to customize, we are happy to include any additional supplies upon request. It is essential to have some variation of a vehicle first aid kit at the ready. All our kits come with supplies organized in transparent pouches or compartments for easy access.

You will have the guidance and equipment ready to guide you with CPR, AED and basic first aid kit instructions included.

Looking for something specific?

We offer five different types of vehicular first aid kits with a range of sizes and carrying cases. Whether you are looking for a basic car first aid kit to fit the kit in your glove compartment, or you want a fully equipped kit for your camper to treat a more extensive list of health issues, we’ve got you covered.

In addition to basic first aid supplies, our packages contain products uniquely geared towards incidents that occur on the road. An in-car first aid kit can save lives. Shop our selection to suit your exact needs.