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First Aid Kit Accessories

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Make your first aid kit more efficient with a door organizer or storage pouch. Organizers and pouches provide additional storage, allow for quick and easy access during an emergency, and of course, keep items organized.

What Does a First Aid Kit Need?

Every first aid kit needs adhesive and non-adhesive bandages, gauze, dressings, some over the counter pain medicine, and an antiseptic or antibiotic for a minimum. For more comprehensive kits, wound closures, a tourniquet, cold compresses, adhesive tape, compresses, and pressure bandages.

How Often Should a First Aid Kit be Inspected?

It should be inspected at least once a year, more frequently depending on the location and how frequently it is used. Using first aid items in a first aid kit frequently gives a higher chance of contaminating the supplies.

Are Business Required to Have a First Aid Kit?

Only businesses that involve hazardous equipment or materials are required to have first aid kits. Though many opt to have first aid kits even if they are not required to.

Make It Your Own
We also offer private labeling services so the kit will stand out and be easily accessed when needed. Our in-house marketing and design teams can customize labels, packaging, and make custom kits. Contact us today for more information!