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Rescue Supplies

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Emergency Rescue Supplies

Do you have the essential survival tools? It may be easy to think “this will never happen to me” but you never know when and where disaster may strike. Being prepared is the best way to handle an emergency. We supply tourniquets, seatbelt cutters, window punches, bite sticks, emergency blankets, medical and utility scissors, obstetrical kit, severe bleeding kit, vehicle distress flag, and CPR Rescue Mask Kits.

What Do You Need to Pack for an Emergency?

When prepping, know that most emergencies are resolved within 72 hours, and you should prepare the following items in quantities relative to that, and how many people you are preparing for. First, food and water, You should prep a minimum of 1,200 calories and 1 gallon of water per person per day. Second, communication and navigation. NOAA weather radios, satellite phones, physical maps, light sources, and addresses of shelter are all key items for survival. Third, items to retain heat, clothing, fire starting materials, emergency blankets, etc. Fourth, first aid supplies.

What First Aid Supplies Do You Need?

Bandages, gauze, antiseptics and antibiotics, medications, pain management, tourniquets, splints, and slings. Stopping bleeding and preventing infection are the two most crucial parts of survival. Allowing injured people to continue moving is helpful but may cause more harm than good depending on the injury.