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Cloth Sports First Aid Kits

youth Sports First Aid Kits

In 2002 e-firstaid supplies started manufacturing and selling medical kits designed for youth sports teams and athletic trainers. Our goal was to build the best sports first aid kits on the market and to manufacture them in America.

Today we supply youth sports teams, high schools, colleges and even pro teams. Our customers continue to come back because of the high quality of our kits. We assemble every medical kit to order and check our supplies for quality.

Our journey started when our founder was coaching youth soccer and the team didnít have a med kit when a player got injured. After that he started working on a line of cloth first aid kits that was light weight and affordable for teams to buy.

Kits were designed in three different options first aid pouch, Briefcase and a backpack. Depending on the sport and the number of players on your team you now had a kit for every level and price point.