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Heat Packs

Heat Packs for Soreness and Injury

Heat packs help alleviate pain of minor strains and sore muscles by letting blood vessels expand, increasing the rate at which damaged muscles and tissues receive blood and new cells. Heat packs are great for treating post-workout soreness, muscle spasms, or stiffness from sleeping in an awkward position. e-FirstAidSupplies has a well-rounded selection of products including patches, disposable and reusable gel heat packs. Additionally, their inventory includes hot and cold packs, which provide versatile treatment options for both inflammation and muscle relaxation.

What Is the Point of Heat Therapy?

Heat therapy is a pain management solution designed increase bloodflow in a focused area and improve the mobility and flexibility of the designated area without resorting to medication. When you improve circulation and blood flow in the body it can also lead to reduced discomfort by relaxing the muscle.

When Should You Use Heat Packs?

Use heat when you have muscle tension or stiffness. Heat causes the body to relax, and causes blood vessels to expand, bringing more cells to the affected area, aiding in the healing process. Heat will cause irritation to wounds and bruises, so avoid placing heat packs on those.

Is Heat Therapy Safe?

Yes. Heat therapy invokes your bodys natural responses to temperature, which often aids in the healing process. The only risk to these therapies is over exposure can cause blisters, hives, and skin damage.

Whether you are nursing a deep muscle ache, back pain or a stiff joint, e-first aid Supplies is proud to provide you with the first aid products you need.