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Emergency Survival Supplies

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Image of 6
6" Light Stick 12 Hour Glow

Image of Emergency Drinking Water 4.227 oz.
Emergency Drinking Water 4.227 oz.

Image of Emergency Ration Food Bars 2,400 Calories
Emergency Ration Food Bars 2,400 Calories

Image of Waterproof Matches
Waterproof Matches

Image of Duct Tape 1.89" x 10 yds.
Duct Tape 1.89" x 10 yds.

Image of Water Purification Tablets (50/btl)
Water Purification Tablets (50/btl)

Image of Stansport Plastic Match Box
Stansport Plastic Match Box

Image of 5-in-1 Survival Whistle
5-in-1 Survival Whistle

Image of SOF Wide Tactical Tourniquet
SOF Wide Tactical Tourniquet

Image of 3-Wick Survival Candle
3-Wick Survival Candle

Image of Solar / Crank Powered Radio and Flashlight
Solar / Crank Powered Radio and Flashlight

Image of Disaster Prep Kit
Disaster Prep Kit

Emergency Survival Supplies for When You Least Expect it

Many items are vital to surviving an emergency. Depending on the emergency situation the conditions may differ so it is important to be prepared for any possible emergency that may occur. offers many assembled emergency kits as well as individual items you will need in a survival situation including emergency food, drinking water, communication tools, lights, and tools to get through debris. You can choose from our selection of comprehensive kits or buy products to customize your own.

  • Value: Being prepared for an emergency is necessary for survival. carries products that may be used on their own or to re-stock a Fieldtex survival kit.

  • Quality: Many emergency supplies can be used again or have a long shelf life so you are prepared for an emergency years to come. Our products are durable and can be trusted to increase your chances of survival when help is unavailable.

  • Selection: offers many different tools that would prove useful in an emergency situation including rescue tools, Water Purification Tablets, lights, and whistles. Emergency food and emergency water are necessary to have in a survival kit in case food and water are inaccessible for extended periods of time.

  • It is important to be prepared for any emergency that may happen as a lack of preparation could be damaging. We strive to offer quality emergency survival supplies for camping and natural disaster situations including emergency food supplies, lights & lanterns, radios, rescue tools, water pouches.