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First Responder Kits

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Image of Red Trauma Bag with Supplies
Red Trauma Bag with Supplies

Image of First Responder Roll Out Med Kit
First Responder Roll Out Med Kit

Image of Medical Supplies Responder Kit
Medical Supplies Responder Kit

Image of Basic Trauma Kit w/Supplies<br> Royal Blue<br><b>*Clearance*</b>
Basic Trauma Kit w/Supplies
Royal Blue


Image of Tactical IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit)
Tactical IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit)

Image of Oxygen Duffle Kit Orange
Oxygen Duffle Kit Orange

Image of Large EMS Duffle Kit Red
Large EMS Duffle Kit Red

Image of Large EMS Duffle Kit Royal Blue
Large EMS Duffle Kit Royal Blue

Image of Plastic First Responder Kit
Plastic First Responder Kit

Image of Plastic Trauma First Aid Kit Orange
Plastic Trauma First Aid Kit Orange

First Responder Kits
EMS, BLS, and Trauma Kits

Choose from kits designed for Professional EMS First Responders.

Fieldtex first responder kits and bags are available in a variety of sizes and styles stocked with quality e-first aid Supplies' products. Each first response kit has the necessary tools to administer medical care in a crisis situation. As many situations requiring first response kits are time sensitive, it is important to have a kit that allows you to be fully prepared and act quickly. Each response kit has essential first aid staples including bandages, burn care, and sterilization products; many additionally have supplies to assist those who are having difficulty breathing such as our airway management kits, oxygen kits and

  • Value: Emergency response kits are invaluable tools to have when assisting in life saving situations. Many products may be used numerous times and those that cannot are easily replaced with e-first aid Supplies' items.

  • Quality: Only products of high quality are stocked in Fieldtex first response kits. By assembling the kits ourselves with e-first aid Supplies’ items you can rest assured that they will meet your first aid requirements.

  • Selection: Fieldtex first responder kits are available to suit your needs based on size and contents. Backpack first aid kits are ideal for safety on the go, whereas duffle first aid kits are more practical during individual response situations.

  • When time is of the essence in survival, it is vital to have the right equipment and supplies. Fieldetx offers a full line of EMS and first responder kits ranging from intubation and BLS to trauma bags and pediatric cases. From small, lightweight fanny packs and shoulder bags to trauma bags filled with oxygen and airway equipment, we have the solution to your emergency medical needs.