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Elastic Bandages

Why consider an Elastic Bandages

Elastic bandages, also known as ace bandages, can be useful for a variety of injuries. e-first aid Supplies elastic bandages are sold in packages of ten and come with metal or plastic stretch clips to keep them securely in place. Stretch bandages are particularly useful on joint injuries as they can be adjusted for pressure and mold to the injured areas. Elastic bandages also can be used to hold other medical supplies in place such as cold or heat packs, and splints. e-first aid Supplies offers many other types of bandages if elastic does not meet your bandaging needs.

  • Selection: e-fist aid Supplies has elastic bandages in a variety of widths and lengths to better fit your specific ailment. Each bandage can be clipped in place by either plastic or metal fasteners.
  • Value: elastic bandages can be used multiple times in multiple areas of the body due to their changeability. e-first aid Supplies elastic bandages come in packs of ten to ensure that you are stocked for any injury that requires an elastic bandage.
  • Quality: elastic bandages must be able to stretch and form to the inflicted area and long lasting so it can be used repeatedly. e-first aid Supplies only offers the highest quality elastic bandages for the support of your injury.
Elastic bandages are a key part of the joint healing process. e-first aid Supplies elastic bandages are perfect for any first aid kits to be prepared for minor to major injuries and are offered in a range of width from two inches to six inches.