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Oxygen supplies are the unsung heroes in the battle against respiratory challenges arising from illnesses or sudden emergencies. e-first aid Supplies offers a comprehensive selection oxygen supplies to suit your respiratory needs, including portable oxygen tanks that offer mobility, oxygen cylinder accessories that ensure seamless functionality, and we provide top-notch oxygen regulators precise control over oxygen flow.

Why is Airway Management Important?

Airway management is important because unconscious people can easily suffocate on things like their own vomit, blood, and tongue. Even conscious people may need airway management after an accident or illness. Some bodily traumas and illnesses can impede a personís ability to breathe or absorb oxygen, which can lead to organ failure or suffocation.

How do First Responders Manage Oxygen?

There are a few options for first responders. The two most common are oxygen tanks with non-rebreather masks and bag valve masks. These two methods allow the first responders to pump oxygen into the body of someone who is having trouble breathing or not absorbing enough oxygen.

Why do First Responders Carry Oxygen Tanks?

First responders carry oxygen tanks for two reasons. First, when they have to enter a hazardous area like a burning house or a building with a gas leak. Second, to resuscitate and give oxygen to people exposed to smoke from a fire or a gas leak. Certain illnesses and injuries can also impede a personís ability to absorb oxygen.