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First Aid Tape: Cloth Medical Tape

First Aid Tape For Sale

First aid tape, or trainer's tape, is commonly used to help support weak or injured knees, ankles, wrists and elbows. Medical cloth tape is often used with dressings and bandages for it's flexibility and does not inhibit the body part. It may also be used as hockey tape. E-first aid supplies offer’s an assortment of different types, colors, and sizes of cloth tape.

First aid tape is a necessity in any complete first aid kit. Cloth medical tape is also used to secure ventilation tubes, intravenous lines, and other medical equipment. It may also be used to tag equipment since it is readily available and easy to mark up with pens as needed. Other types of medical tape may be a better alternative to this first aid tape, depending on your needs and preferences.

  • Value: First aid tape choices are available in a variety of quantities for long-term use at a competitive price. The support of an injured or weakened joint is necessary to minimize pain as well as promote mobility. Purchase by the roll for personal use or buy a case for an entire sports team.
  • Quality: It is necessary that cloth medical tape is adhesive, durable, and able to be used in a multitude of situations. E-first aid supplies only offer the highest quality adhesive cloth tape for your joint support.
  • Selection: Selection: Our cloth first aid tapes include black medical tape. We offer white as well as, in a variety of quantities. Our selection is ideal for replenishing cloth tape that has been used in a Fieldtex first aid kit.
First aid tape can be used in a variety of situations. E-first aid Supplies cloth tape is offered in a variety of lengths and widths from half-inch to three-inch widths. Adhesive cloth tape as well as any of our other types of first aid tapes may be an ideal choice for your medical practice needs.