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What is an Antiseptic?

An antiseptic is a chemical thatís primary purpose is to slow or prevent the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms. Antiseptics also kill bacteria and other microorganisms, but not as effectively as an antibiotic/antibacterial ointment. Antiseptics are readily available over-the-counter and are very helpful for preventing wounds from getting infected.

How are Antiseptics Used?

Antiseptics should be used on the surrounding area after a wound has been cleaned with soap and water to prevent new bacteria from forming around the wound. Antiseptics can also be used to clean a wound but may cause irritation.

Antiseptic Solution

A wash or a solution such as hydrogen peroxide or isopropyl alcohol, is a great first aid antiseptic to keep around the house or in a first aid kit. They are easy to wipe on a wound and easily wipe off any excess before applying bandages or gauze to a wound.

Antiseptic Spray

Sprays are typically small and easy to store. Whether you are a sports team coach or a parent, having an accessible antiseptic spray is good first aid practice. These sprays are easily applied and promote safe healing.


Hand Sanitizers are the most common antiseptics. Keeping clean using these disinfecting products is essential to being healthy and avoiding illnesses such as the flu. Also, using hand sanitizers before working on a patient or even before eating can greatly reduce the risk of spreading or contracting illnesses.