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Sharps Containers

Sharps Containers

Sharps containers are essential to maintaining general public health. The purpose of using one is to protect people from being stuck with a used needle. If needles are simply discarded into trash bags, it may expose waste workers, housekeepers, janitors etc. to needle stick injuries and potential infection. Used needles can also transmit serious diseases such as HIV and hepatitis. In order to keep yourself, family and workplace safe, it is best to purchase a sharps container to hold all of these used needles. Fieldtex Products offers a variety of sharps containers including wall mounted sharps containers and medical sharps containers. By using one of these containers, you will be taking the right steps to ensure the protection of others.
  • Value: Sharps containers are offered at an incredible price for the benefits they serve. You can rest assured these high-quality containers will fulfill your needs.
  • Quality: Fieldtex Products continuously strives to offer our customers premium products at affordable prices, our containers are durable and will provide you peace of mind when disposing used needles.
  • Selection: We offer an assortment of sharps containers that can function in various environments. Whether you need a wall mounted sharps container or a small one for home use, Fieldtex has your needs covered!
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Disposing of Sharps Containers The Coalition for Safe Needle Disposal and the Environmental Protection Agency have identified several types of safe disposal programs for self injectors. Instead of placing sharps in the trash, self injectors and encouraged to use any of these alternative methods.

  1. Drop Box of Supervised Collection Sites Sharps users can take their own sharps containers filled with used needles to appropriate collection sites such as doctor's offices, hospitals, pharmacies, health departments, or fire stations. Services are free or have a nominal fee. Check with your pharmacist or other health care provider in your area.
  2. Mail-back Programs Sharps users place their used sharps in special containers and return the container by mail to a collection site for proper disposal. This service usually requires a fee. Fees vary, depending on the size of the container. We have the Kendall mail back program available and the fees are included in the price for the sharps. Call us toll free at 1-(888) 744-7347 for more information.
  3. Syringe Exchange Programs Sharps users can safely exchange used needles for new needles. Contact the North American Syringe Exchange Network at 253 272 4857 or online at
  4. At-home Needle Destruction Devices Several manufacturers offer products that allow you to destroy used needles at home. These devices sever, burn, or melt the needle, rendering it safe for disposal.