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First Aid Kits

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First Aid Kits

It is important to be prepared and able to respond promptly in the event of an emergency. One of the first lines of defense in a medical emergency is a well-stocked first aid kit. A well-stocked kit has first aid supplies that effectively treat common injuries and items that can assist in aiding more severe injuries. At e-firstaid Supplies, we have both general and specialty first aid kits to address an emergency in any situation including: Car first aid kits, boating first aid kits, burn care kits and more. Shop our selection of first aid kits, perfect for your first line of defense in any emergency.

Where Should First Aid Kits Be Located?

We recommend having a first aid kit in your home, vehicle, and one for on-the-go travel. Having an on-the-go first aid kit makes it easy to bring important supplies to practices, games, or any recreational activity. First aid kits should be kept in a cool dry place out of reach of children.

Most offices and businesses are required to have professional first aid kits on site, and they should be kept in accessible and noticeable locations. Employers should ensure that their employees know where all kits and first aid items are stored in the event of an emergency.

What Should Be In A First Aid Kit?

Accessible first aid kits are important to have in the event of a medical emergency, but it is more important to make sure your first aid kit is fully stocked before an emergency happens. A standard kit should contain items like bandages, cleaners, antibiotic ointments, gauze & dressings, first aid guides and Tape. Specialty kits with certain requirements may have more specific items like medical instruments, pain relief items or bleeding control bandages. You should check the contents of your kit every so often and replace items that have been used or have reached their expiration dates.

At e-first aid supplies we have a large selection of first aid kits to fit most situations, and we sell individual first aid items that are perfect for first aid kit refills. We also offer the ability to create custom kits for unique requirements: See our Custom Kitting Program.

When To Use A First Aid Kit

First aid kits should be utilized for any injury from minor ones to emergency situations requiring treatment. Whether a small cut calls for disinfecting and bandaging or a life-threatening situation that requires CPR, having a kit close by could make all the difference.

Where To Buy A First Aid Kit

E-firstaid supplies has a wide variety of first aid kits that range from simple Home Essentials Kits to professional First Responder Kits . Our selection includes all kinds of cases including backpacks, metal cabinets, pouches, duffle bags and more. We can even private label plastic and metal kits with your company or organization's branding. Shop our online selection so you can have a dependable and affordable first aid kit shipped right to your door.