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Athletic Tape

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Treating Sports Injuries with Athletic Tape

Athletic tape can be used in a wide variety of situations. Pulled muscles, tendons, sprained ankles and tissue injuries can all benefit from the proper use of athletic tape. Athletic tape may also be used preemptively to avoid a sport injury. Athletic tape can also be used to help minimize additional damage to existing injuries, particularly on the hands, feet and wrists by supporting the injured area. This allows the user to continue to play sports through a minor injury period. e-first aid Supplies has variations of athletic tape that will suit your sport tape item needs.

  • Value: Properly healing a sports injury is crucial to the ability to continue enjoying the activity with the minimum amount of discomfort. e-first aid Supplies tape choices are available in an appropriate quantity for a long term use at a competitive price.

  • Quality: Sports tape must be strong and appropriately adhesive in order to keep the affected area supported. e-first aid Supplies only offers the highest quality athletic tape for your sport playing needs.

  • Selection: e-first aid Supplies offers athletic tape with different features depending on your needs. Our athletic tape comes in non-porous or porous as well as non-woven or woven tape.

    Athletic tape can make a large difference in healing a sport related injury. Consider our selection of medical tape if athletic tape is not for you.