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Pressure Bandages

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Treat Wounds with Pressure Bandages

e-first aid Supplies carries many styles of pressure bandages that protect serious wounds and assist in their healing. Pressure bandages, also referred to as a compression bandage, are a type field dressing that is used for applying pressure to a wound. They should be wrapped around the wound and pulled tight to maximize pressure. Pressure bandages are ideal to have on hand in emergency situations where severe injuries have occurred. They are a crucial component in bleeding control, helping to manage blood loss until professional medical help can be obtained. In addition to pressure bandages, we offer a wide selection of gauze and dressings.

  • Value: Pressure bandages are available in bulk sizes to ensure preparedness for emergency situations. Each singular or bulk compression bandage purchase is competitively priced to ensure your satisfaction.
  • Quality: e-first aid Supplies pressure bandages can be trusted in extreme emergency injury situations. Having a reliable product is necessary in a situation that calls for serious medical attention.
  • Selection: We offer pressure bandages in a variety of sizes and quantities on our website, e-first aid Supplies. Israeli bandages as well as small pads are offered in variations catered to your needs.
Israeli bandages, or pressure bandages are vital tools in any emergency first aid kit. A compression bandage is also easily used as a replacement in a Fieldtex emergency first aid kit.