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Sports Medicine Supplies

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Sports Medicine Supplies

We carry a variety of sports medicine supplies to help athletes improve their performance as well as prevent injuries. Sports medicine is considered to be one of the fastest growing segments of the health care industry because more and more people are participating in athletic activities later in life. It use to be that the majority of the population stopped exercising by the time they reached their mid to late 30s but now you can see people running, exercising, and playing sports into their 50s and 60s. This increase of activity has led to more people being sore and dealing with sports related injuries which require some rehabilitation supplies whether they be prescribed by a doctor or they are bought over the counter. Some of the sports supplies you will find here are splints/casts, protective paddings, and braces.

How do you properly use Athletic Tape?
Athletic Tape or Trainer's Tape is traditionally used for limiting range of motion on specific muscles or joints. You can also use Athletic Tape as a splint for sprained joints. Restricting the range of motion can help injuries heal faster. Our wide range of Athletic tape is sure to meet your needs.

What is a splint used for?
Splinting is used to stabilize a broken or fractured bone. The main difference between a splint and a cast is that splints are a better choice if the area around the injury is swollen. Usually, a healthcare provider will replace a splint with a cast after the swelling has gone down. Splints are an excellent resource to have on hand, in case of an injury a splint could be used while the injured person is traveling to the hospital. Take a look at our selection of splints so you can stay prepared!

What can Sports Medicine do for you?
Chronic overuse injuries like tendonitis or knee pain affect everyone, not just athletes. Anyone with a physically demanding job may share some of the issues a professional athlete will run into. Staying prepared for unexpected injuries is as simple as keeping an instant cold pack, ankle taping kit, or a splint close at hand. Take a look at our wide selection of products to see what suits your lifestyle best!