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Gauze Dressings, Gauze Pads & Gauze Bandages For Your Wounds

Proper first aid treatment is necessary to promote healthy wound healing and protecting the wound from outside irritants that could slow the healing process. Gauze dressings are typically used for wounds that cannot be simply covered by a bandage. Injuries that have excessive bleeding are ideal to be treated with wound dressings.

Gauze dressings can be applied to a wound with medical tape used to keep it in place, allowing the wound to breathe through the porous material. Depending on your medical needs, a bandages may be a more appropriate selection.

Selection: e-firstaidsupplies offers a wide variety of sizes, shapes and materials of gauze and dressings. Traditional gauzes in a multitude of sizes are available in addition to eye pads, cotton applicators, and sponges

How To Choose Gauze

Gauze comes in a variety of sizes and forms. There are gauze pads, gauze bandage rolls and wraps, gauze sponges, trauma dressings and more. Gauze can be woven and non-woven, sterile and non-sterile. Woven gauze is coarser and used in more general applications like cleaning a wound. Woven gauze is less absorbent and can leave behind lint. Non-woven gauze has fibers that are condensed together so it has a higher absorbency than woven gauze and is stronger and bulkier. Sterile gauze is individually packaged so it is free from any dirt or bacteria. Sterile gauze pads, bandages and dressings are effective at treating open wounds. Non-sterile gauze can be used as cushioning for closed wounds but should not be used to treat open wounds.

Different types of Gauze Dressings

Gauze sponges – a great all-purpose dressing that can absorb drainage well. They can be used to clean, dress and prep a wound.

Gauze bandage rolls – bandage rolls make a good first layer dressing for wound protection. Gauze bandage rolls are great to address wounds on limbs or the head.

Non-adherent pads - good for wounds with moderate drainage. These pads can protect wounds without sticking to them. You can place these over a wound and secure with medical tape.

Pressure and Trauma Gauze dressings – Pressure dressings are meant for serious wounds usually with extensive bleeding/discharge. They are soft and made with extremely absorbent material to cushion and protect wounds and lacerations.

How To Use Gauze Bandages

Learning and understanding how to use gauze pads, bandages and dressings is an important skill to help keep wounds, cuts and abrasions protected at all times.

To get started, you should use a gauze pad that is larger than the wound itself so you can ensure the entire affected area will be covered. If you are using a sterile gauze pad, dressing, or bandage, be sure to wear medical gloves when opening so you do not contaminate.

Next, clean the wound and apply medicated cream or ointment to the wound if possible. Woven gauze can be used to help clean the wound.

Once cleaned, you can place the gauze dressing over the wound and secure with tape. Depending on the location of the wound, you can wrap tape around the gauze to secure it in place. Be sure to not put too much pressure from the tape on the gauze. You do not want the gauze to end up sticking to the wound. offers a wide variety of sizes, shapes and materials of gauze bandages, specialized gauze dressings and gauze pads. Browse our selection of gauze today!