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Curad Bandages

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Buy Curad Bandages for Any Situation

Whether you are shopping for your home or business Curad has the products to meet your needs. We offer a wide variety of Curad brand bandages in one convenient location. We offer Curad kids bandages in all different styles, antibacterial Curad bandages in large quantities, and durable Curad waterproof bandages as well.

Do I really need a bandage?
Studies show that blood vessels regenerate faster when a wound is kept moist and covered. Additionally, inflammation will decrease more rapidly than it would in a wound that was allowed to air out. We sell a large selection of Curad bandages to keep you safe and healthy.

How often should I change my bandage?
Average cuts and other wounds should be bandaged for about five days. It is recommended that you change your bandage once each day. If your bandage gets dirty or wet, you may need to change it more than once a day to keep your wound clean. Make sure you have plenty of high-quality bandages to properly care for any cuts or scrapes, shop our selection of high quality Curad bandages today!

What is a Hydrocolloid Bandage?
A Hydrocolloid bandage is ideal for a blister or acne spot but can be helpful for other types of wounds as well. While these look similar to any other bandage, they work somewhat differently. Inside of the Hydrocolloid bandage is a soft absorbent surface that fills with liquids from the wound. As the bandage absorbs liquid it expands creating a cushioned barrier which is very helpful for blisters that can be painful when accidentally touched by clothing or other items.