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ANSI First Aid Kits

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ANSI Compliant First Aid Kits

Fieldtex ANSI first aid kits meet and even exceed ANSI First Aid Kit Guidelines therefore our kits are considered ANSI Compliant for the purposes of General Industry first aid. ANSI first aid kits are stocked with quality e-first aid Supplies products. Additionally, Fieldtex ANSI first aid kits are developed for a specific number of employees in mind ranging from 10 person to 150 person kits. Depending on your first aid needs, another Fieldtex first aid kit may be better suited for you.

  • Selection: Fieldtex ANSI first aid kits are available in a multitude of options that cater to various sizes and needs of different peoples. e-first aid Supplies stocked ANSI first aid kits are available in metal cases.

  • Value: Fieldtex ANSI first aid kits are reliable tools for a safe and healthy work environment. Many products in the kits can be replenished by e-first aid Supplies after they have been used.

  • Quality: Only products of high quality are stocked in a Fieldtex ANSI first aid kit. By assembling the kits ourselves with e-first aid Supplies items you can rest assured that you are receiving the highest quality items are the most affordable prices.

  • Fieldtex ANSI first aid kits are designed to meet and exceed the ANSI requirements for a safe working environment. Our ANSI first aid kits will surely surpass your expectations for office safety.