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Disposable Syringes

What Are Syringes?

A syringe is a small, simple piston pump-based medical instrument used to administer injections of intravenous drugs into the bloodstream or to draw a blood sample from a patient. In the medical field, disposable syringes are typically used in conjunction with hypodermic needles to inject or remove liquids from the body.

To reduce the risk of spreading blood-borne diseases, a hypodermic needle should never be used by more than one person. The syringe itself is commonly reused by diabetics and is acceptable as long as it is cleaned and never shared.

What Is A Syringe Used For?

Medical disposable syringes can also be used to administer liquid medicine without the use of a needle. This is much easier and more efficient when working with kids because it can be used as a measuring spoon. You simply administer the liquid orally.

On this page, you will find our wide range of syringes for sale, available in sizes from 3cc up to 60cc. We have some models of disposable syringes with Luer lock tips as well as those without.

Please note that any disposable syringe we sell come without needles.