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All Types of Scissors

Scissors, hand-operated cutting instruments, are used for a wide range of tasks either at home or in the workplace. The instrument is composed of two pivoting blades which work by the shearing action that occurs when used. Scissors are often used by doctors, paramedics, craftsmen, fishermen and teachers because their profession requires them to cut thin materials such as cardboard or clothing.

In emergency situations, scissors are a vital object to have on hand. If an accident occurs or a patient is seriously injured they will be unable to undress themselves, requiring medical professional to quickly cut off their clothes. e-first aid Supplies carries a wide variety of scissors to meet the varying demands of our customers. You will be sure to find the right pair of scissors to meet your needs.

  • Supplies: Our wide range of scissors includes everything from wire scissors to paramedic scissors. We also carry bandage scissors and a responder holster which comes with a variety of scissor supplies.
  • Value: e-first aid Supplies consistently strives to bring you superior quality scissors at a competitive price. All scissors are composed of the finest materials and are priced to sell.
  • Selection We have an unbeatable selection of competitively priced scissors. Whether you’re a medical professional or a craftsman, we have the right pair of scissors to fit your needs!
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