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Dental Care

Better Products for a Better Smile

Keeping your teeth clean, healthy, and bright can feel overwhelming. Dentist appointments can be expensive and might leave you waiting days before they can see you. Our products help alleviate symptoms and prevent discomfort right when you need it.

Mouth Sores Caused by Braces
Orthodontic Wax protects the gums and the linings of your cheeks and lips, providing a comfortable barrier from the rough edges of braces. While you wait for these areas to toughen, you can use GUM Wax to cover a troublesome bracket. If any sores develop, using topical anesthetics like Orasol Gel can temporarily numb the area.

What is a Dental Emergency?
Dental emergencies should be addressed early and these include the loss of a filling, a tooth fracture, gum irritation, oral sores, mouth and jaw pain, bleeding gums, or loose teeth. Our Emergency Dental Kit is a first aid kit designed to provide relief when traditional dentistry is not easily available but is not intended to replace regular professional or emergency dental care.