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Antifungal Ointments

What are Antifungal Creams?

There are a wide variety of antifungal creams on the market with both name brand and generic manufacturers. All antifungal creams are medicated ointments designed to kill fungi that have penetrated the skin and cause discomfort. Common symptoms of a fungal infection are itching, redness, and scaling of the skin.

What Can Antifungal Creams Cure?

The active ingredient, Miconazole Nitrate, cures ringworm, jock itch, athletesí foot, and yeast infections on the skin.

How Often Should You Apply Antifungal Creams?

All creams will have directions for how much and how often they need to be applied, but generally, 1-2 times a day for 1-4 weeks. Always follow the directions on the packaging to avoid futher irritation.

Can Antifungal Creams Cure Vaginal Yeast Infections?

Only vaginal antifungal ointments are designed for a vaginal yeast infection. Topical antifungals will cause irritation and negative side effects. Consult with your doctor if you believe you have a vaginal yeast infection.

Can Antifungal Creams Cure Herpes?

No, unfortunately, herpes is caused by a virus, not a fungus. So, herpes requires specific medication. Antifungal creams can cure fungal acne, which may be mistaken for herpes.

Why Do Antifungal Creams Burn?

The active and passive ingredients in antifungal creams have different effects on different people and often cause minor side effects such as a burning sensation. You should consult with your doctor to choose the medication that is right for you before purchasing.