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Cold Spray

Cold Spray is the Magic Spray that Instantly Treats Injuries

Cold Spray is probably most well known as the magic spray that athletic trainers apply to soccer players after they are injured on the field. Within seconds a gruesome injury seems to go away right before the fans very eyes and the player is right back in the thick of the action. This product of course is not actually magic, it is in often nothing more than an over the counter aerosol cold spray that you can buy off the shelf.

Cold Sprays are primarily used for what are known as acute pain injuries. These are the kinds of injuries that are quick and incredibly painful for a short time but the pain is expected to go away over time. These types of injuries often occur in sports where there is a the risk of an impact or trauma. The team here at recommends all athletes consider adding a can of cold spray to their list of essentials.

So what is cold spray? Not all cold sprays use the exact same formula but usually they are an aerosol can filled with a combination of active ingredients including isobutene, N-Butane and propane which are all topical analgesics and provide a cooling and numbing sensation for. When athletes use a cold spray to treat a minor sprain and then continue to play, they are using a rehabilitation technique known as Cryokinetics which means an application of cold therapy followed by progressive exercise to help the injury heal. Cold therapy through cold spray is used primarily to help reduce pain, swelling and inflammation.