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EMS & Medical Kit Bags

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EMS Bags for Emergency Assistance

Fieldtex offers a variety of pre-assembled EMS, intubation bags in addition to a selection of empty bags which can be stocked with our supplies. Proper safety precautions must be taken as you never know when an injury may occur E-first aid Supplies offers bags available in many different styles and sizes with different contents based on your need. from fanny packs and backpacks to larger duffels, our EMS bags are stocked with specific EMS supplies for any emergency.

  • Why Are First Aid Kits Important?
  • First aid kits are important because they can be/are often the first line of defense and treatment against injury. For potentially life threatening injuries, a first aid kit could be the only thing that allows the injured person to survive until they get proper medical attention. As for non-life threatening scenarios, first aid kits can prevent minor injuries from becoming major.

  • When Were First Aid Kits Invented?
  • Johnson & Johnson have been credited with inventing the first aid kit in 1888. First aid kits were originally designed as a sort of portable hospital for surgeons to treat railroad workers who did not have access to medical treatment while building the American railways.

  • How Many EMTs Per Ambulance?
  • On average, ambulances will only carry two or three EMTs.