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Braces & Supports

Braces and Supports

Many joint injuries and weaknesses need extra support to heal or correctly function. Whether a joint is injured or merely over extended it is important to properly treat the ailment to continue functioning appropriately. e-first aid Supplies carries a variety of braces and supports that assist in weak and poorly functioning joints.

  • Value: e-first aid Supplies braces and supports may be used for extended periods of time as well as on numerous occasions that they are needed. Fieldtex provides injury kits for knees and ankles that include a variety of products that ease joint pain and increase mobility.
  • Quality: Trusting your mobility and joint care to a quality orthopedic product is important to its improvement. e-first aid Supplies carries name brand braces including Ace, Mueller, Ambra Le Roy and Prostyle to ensure optimal satisfaction in your orthopedic care.
  • Selection: e-first aid Supplies offers a variety of joint specific products to promote healing as well as reduce pain. knee braces, ankle braces, back braces, wrist braces, and elbow braces are all available to cater to your specific needs.
Braces and supports can make a large difference in the healing process of an injured appendage or joint. e-first aid Supplies offers braces and supports to ensure healthy repair of injuries. Is Ankle Taping or Ankle Bracing Better?
Ankle Taping and using a brace during sports can both reduce the risk of an ankle injury. An ankle brace is more rigid and will limit range of motion more strictly than ankle taping will.