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Image of Construction First Aid Kit
Construction First Aid Kit

Image of Eye Care Kit
Eye Care Kit

Image of Personal Eye Treatment Kit
Personal Eye Treatment Kit

Image of Ankle Taping Kit
Ankle Taping Kit

Image of Pool First Aid Kit
Pool First Aid Kit

Image of Knee Taping Kit
Knee Taping Kit

Image of Eye Treatment Kit
Eye Treatment Kit

Image of Home Essentials First Aid Kit
Home Essentials First Aid Kit

Image of Dental Emergency Kit
Dental Emergency Kit

Image of Personal Hygiene Kit
Personal Hygiene Kit

Image of Dorm First Aid Kit
Dorm First Aid Kit

Image of Dental Kit
Dental Kit

Specialty First Aid Kits: Serving All of Your Various First Aid Needs

In our everyday lives, many specific situations arise where a typical, traditional first aid kit does not fit the needs of the injury. To be fully prepared for a specifically dangerous situation it is important to have a specialty first aid kit. The right selection of a specialty first aid kit can make all the difference in treating injuries that may arise in certain situations, we have everything from athletic taping to insect bite kits. Fieldtex offers a selection of traditional first aid kits if you feel one may be better suited to your needs.

  • Value: Fieldtex specialty first aid kits are beneficial to you because they only include the items you need. The products in a specialty first aid kit can be easily replenished with e-first aid Supplies' products.

  • Quality: Fieldtex specialty first aid kits contain high quality e-first aid Supplies' items. We assemble each specialty kit ourselves, thereby allowing us ensure you that you are receiving a high quality kit.

  • Selection: We carry a wide variety of specialty first aid kits which you can apply to your unique situation. We offer dental, eye, flu, heat stress, and personal hygiene kits. In addition to these kits, we also offer medication refill kits to add to your existing kits.

  • Fieldtex specialty kits are useful tools in the event of a specific situation or specific injury. Being prepared for any medical issue is a necessary precaution.