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Liquid and Spray Bandages

Try something different with liquid bandages

In some cases, a cut may not be suited for a traditional bandage. Liquid bandages are liquid antiseptics that create a shield on the wound to protect it from germs and dirt while allowing it to heal. Unlike other bandages, liquid bandages act as a waterproof bandage as it won’t come off in extensive water exposure. Liquid bandages are extremely flexible and allow the wound to heal without the inconvenience of a traditional bandage. e-first aid Supplies has a variety of types and sizes of liquid bandages to cater to your first aid needs.

  • Value: e-first aid Supplies liquid bandages are ideal products for care for minor cuts and scrapes. We offer liquid bandages at competitive prices to ensure your satisfaction.
  • Quality: Only liquid bandages of high quality are offered through e-first aid Supplies. We carry name brand products such as New Skin, and Medi-First that are trusted in the treatment of cuts and scratches.
  • Selection: liquid bandages are available in the form of pure liquid drops and spray depending on your preference. We offer liquid bandages in multiple amounts depending on you wound needs.
e-first aid Supplies carries liquid bandages that make your wounds heal cleanly and quickly. Our liquid bandages are ideal for replacing products that have been used in a Fieldtex first aid kit.