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Liquid and Spray Bandages

What Are Liquid Bandages?

Liquid bandages are soluble polymers dissolved in either water or alcohol. When applied, they form a barrier over the wound, allowing it to heal. Liquid bandages are extremely flexible and allow the wound to heal without the inconvenience of a traditional bandage. e-first aid Supplies has a variety of types and sizes of liquid bandages to cater to your first aid needs.

How Do Liquid Bandages Work?

When the liquid bandage is taken out of the container and applied to the skin, the water or alcohol will quickly evaporate, only leaving the polymer. The polymer then solidifies into a semiflexible barrier adhered to the skin.

How Long do Liquid Bandages Last?

For most brands you can expect a single application to last 5-7 days. Length depends on where the bandage is on the body and how active you are during that time.

How to Remove Liquid Bandages

Liquid bandages should be left alone until they fall off on their own. If you want to remove the bandage because you want to reapply or use a different type, there are a few ways to do it. First, wash your hands, then use one of the following three options. In all cases, do not scrub the bandage off because this may cause damage to the skin or wound.
  • Use More Liquid Bandage - The solution will redissolve the bandage and allow you to gently wash it off with water or peel the bandage off.
  • Soak the Bandage in Warm Water - Even though liquid bandages are usually waterproof, soaking the bandage in warm water will soften the bonds with the skin and the bandage itself. You can also hold a wet cloth on top of the bandage to soften it. Once the bandage’s bonds start to break with the skin, gently peel it off and reapply if needed.
  • Use Acetone - Nail-polish remover is very effective at softening the bonds for liquid bandages. Get a cloth or cotton ball wet with the acetone and dab the bandage with it until it starts to soften.