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Triangular Bandages

Triangular Bandages, Healing Wounds

e-first aid Supplies carries triangular bandages that assist in healing and protecting serious wounds. Triangular bandages can be used for head, elbow, knee and foot injuries. Made from muslin, triangular bandages are also commonly used as an arm sling. Triangular bandages are used to cover other bandage dressings or to keep dressings in place. In addition to triangular bandages, e-first aid Supplies carries a wide variety of bandages along with elastic bandages.

  • Value: Triangular bandages are available in a bulk package to prepare you for numerous medical occasions. The package is competitively priced to ensure your satisfaction.
  • Quality: e-first aid Supplies only offers the highest quality medical products. Our triangular bandages are made of breathable and sturdy cotton to expedite healing.
  • Selection: Triangular bandages are 40”x40” to fit large area wounds. Our triangular bandage products include twelve bandages.
e-first aid Supplies non-sterile triangular bandages include safety pins to secure them into place and are made of strong cotton. A triangle bandage is easily replenished in a Fieldtex emergency first aid kit through e-first aid Supplies.