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Emergency Oxygen Kits

Emergency Oxygen Kits for Professionals

E-FirstAid manufactures its own line of foam lined Oxygen bags for oxygen cylinders, as well as fills these professional first aid kits to order. Whether you are looking for a kit with a D tank, E tank or smaller, we have a bag with supplies that will fit your needs. We have been supplying ambulance corps, fire departments and government agencies all over the country for over 20 years.

What is oxygen used for in first aid

Oxygen therapy can be used in first aid to treat patients that have become suddenly ill or injured. Generally speaking the patient needs oxygen therapy because they are struggling to breath on their own or not breathing hard enough to process ample amounts of oxygen. A person sufferings from a lack of oxygen will go into shock if not treated right away. This is why E-firstaid offers Oxygen Kits for First responders and medical professionals.

What is an Oxygen kit

An emergency oxygen kit is filled with all of the Supplies needed to administer oxygen quickly anywhere. Supplies in the kit include an oxygen cylinder regulator and pressure gauge. Other Pieces in these kits include flow meters tubing and resuscitation masks.

how to tell if someone needs oxygen

If a patient appears to be acting out of it or they don't appear to be acting normal it can be a sign that they are not getting enough oxygen to their brain and may be a candidate for Oxygen therapy. In any situation where oxygen is needed it is strongly advised that you call 911. 911 operators can also provide additional patient analysis over the phone.