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Cervical Collars

What are Cervical Collars Used for?

Cervical collars are orthopedic devices designed to support the cervical portion of a spinal cord and head. Neck braces may be used in emergencies when the injury first occurs to create a safe position in order to move the victim. Following medical attention, a neck brace can facilitate proper healing as well as act as therapy for chronic medical conditions. Fieldtex offers a cervical collar kit that contains a multitude of neck brace sizes in preparation for an emergency. The cervical collar bag itself is also available to be filled with the cervical collars of your choice.

  • Value: Cervical collars can make a large difference in emergency situation where the spine or head is injured so that the victim can be moved safely. Cervical collars can also be used for long periods of time or on multiple occasions to relieve head, neck or back pain.
  • Quality: Head and spine injuries must have specific medical attention that ensures that the injury will not develop further. Neck braces support the neck, spine and head to allow relief from the pain as well as adjustment to decrease problems.
  • Selection: e-first aid Supplies offers a variety of neck braces that can be selected to fit your unique cervical collar needs. Options include adjustable pediatric collars, adjustable adult collars in addition to head immobilizers.
Cervical collars may be essential to the survival of an emergency victim. e-first aid Supplies aims to provide products that will support a victim in case of an emergency.