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Bandages and Band Aids for Every Wound

No two wounds or injuries are the same, but they all require specific attention to determine treatment. Minor cuts, scrapes, wounds and burns can be treated with bandages. The right bandage or band-aid can prevent infection and help a wound heal quickly. In many cases, a traditional bandage may not be the choice for a specific wound injury. E-First Aid Supplies carries an extensive line of general and specialty bandages for certain situations or ailments. Some of our specialty bandages include blister care bandages , moleskin pads, triangular bandages, metal detectable bandages, wound closures, bandage spray and more.

  • Value: E-First Aid Supplies offers a large variety of bandages and first aid band aids for a reasonable price. Bandages are an essential household item so its important to be stocked with a large variety and quantity of bandages.
  • Quality: Only bandages of high quality are offered through E-First Aid Supplies. We carry name brands of bandages such as Band-Aid, Nexcare, and New Skin. The bandage brands you trust are available at the prices you want.
  • Selection:: E-First Aid Supplies offers a wide selection of bandages including elastic, plastic, fabric, metal, and liquid bandages. Many come in a waterproof option. Each type of bandage comes in a multitude of sizes and shapes to fit your healing needs.
Bandages are a key part of many healing processes. Our variety of quality bandages are perfect to keep in your home first aid kit so you can be prepared to handle minor to major injuries.

How To Use First Aid Bandages

Using a bandage to cover a skin break helps to prevent infection while controlling bleeding. Keeping a wound covered is important if you want it to heal properly. First aid bandages can be used to heal minor burns, stop bleeding, and help cuts heal faster. Applying first aid bandages to mild cuts, scrapes and wounds is easy. Specialized children bandages make it easier to care for kidsí injuries with fun designs and gentle adhesive. For everyday use, plastic bandages offer a durable and water-resistant option that stays in place during daily activities. In cases of more serious injuries, first aid splints provide the necessary support to immobilize and protect injured limbs until professional medical treatment can be obtained.

  • First, make sure you have a bandage large enough to cover the affected area.
  • Next, clean the wound with mild soap and water, and apply a small layer of antibiotic ointment if possible.
  • Place a clean bandage over the entire wound. If blood begins to soak through you can apply additional bandages. If the wound is severe, or if you are having issues keeping it contained you may want to seek professional medical treatment.
  • Make sure the bandage is secure, but not so much that it cuts off circulation anywhere near the affected area. You can use first aid tape to secure the bandage and help seal out germs.
  • Keep the wound covered and change bandages as needed.