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Medical Tape

Full Selection of Medical Tapes

e-first aid Supplies offers a variety of medical tape styles, ranging from athletic tapes to surgical tape. That can be used for a number of situations, from securing medical dressings to bandaging a limb. Depending on your taping needs, we offer a variety of types, colors and materials that are ideal for suiting your preferences.

  • Uses: Tapes are most commonly used to secure medical dressing such as cloth surgical tape, gause pads and bandages. They can also be used in sports to position pre wrap and equipment. Our products ability to provide secure adhesion consistently makes them ideal for wound care and protection.
  • Value: Our medical tapes are competitively priced without sacrificing on quality. In the event of an injury it is important to use a tape that is durable, flexible, and reliable.
  • Quality: Only medical tape of high quality is offered through e-first aid Supplies. We carry name brand products such as Johnson and Johnson, which is a trusted name in medical supplies.
e-first aid Supplies offers a wide variety of medical tape ,including stretchy medical tape that can be used on many occasions and not only for injuries. Tapes can be used for automotive and household repairs as well.