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Nasopharyngeal Airway

Breathe in any Emergency with a Nasopharyngeal Airway

During a medical emergency, it can be hard for an injured or unconscious patient to breathe normally. A nasopharyngeal airway is designed to enter in a patient’s nasal airway and maintain a open airway. Sometimes when knocked unconscious, the muscles in the jaw and tongue relax, making breathing harder. When inserted into the nasal passageway, a nasopharyngeal airway makes it easier to breathe with a secure open airway. Our nasopharyngeal products also can help patients suffering from severe head trauma, and even sleep apnea. Whether you are living at home with a condition or you are stocking up for your medical practice, e-first aid Supplies is here to help.

  • Value: e-first aid Supplies is committed to providing medical products that are of the highest quality and competitively priced. Our nasopharyngeal airways come in multiple sizes, and will ensure the best value at the best competitive price.
  • Quality: The nasopharyngeal airways you find on our site are of the highest quality, and will not collapse or pinch when installed into the airways. Breathing easily is essential, especially during times of emergency, and our line of airways will keep you breathing and healthy.
  • Selection: e-first aid Supplies has a selection of nasopharyngeal airways in different sizes to fir any nasal passageway. Each nasopharyngeal airway in our wide selection is made of a flexible non-latex material. Sterile and disposable for easy clean up after use. An item like this is always great to have on hand for whether you are a sleep apnea patient at home, or awaiting a possible emergency in a clinic.
Being caught unprepared can lead to more injuries or deaths than anything else. Without oxygen, the brain and vital organs can suffer severe damage. Be sure to maintain clear breathing with a nasopharyngeal airway.