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First Responder Kits

Professional Grade First Responder Kits

EMS first aid kits will allow professionals to respond quickly and efficiently wherever they are. First Responders are the first on the scene of an emergency. First responders react to daily emergency situations and many of those situations call for lifesaving prehospital medical treatment.

What Goes in a First Responder Medical Kit

Generally, a first responder kit will contain more advanced medical and paramedic supplies than your typical first aid kit. Stethoscopes, blood pressure monitors, wound dressings, and iodine swabs are just some of the items that you might find in a first responder medical kit. We supply specialty kits like Pediatric first responder and oxygen responder kits that cater to a more specific skill set.

First Responder Equipment and Supplies

Every day, people’s lives depend on the effective response and skills of first responders. Having accessible lifesaving medical supplies can make all the difference in emergencies ranging from house fires to car wrecks. Airway management, CPR, and bleeding control supplies are just some of the professional first aid items that can make all the difference in an unforeseen emergency. While these medical supplies might not be used every day, having them available during an emergency could be the difference between life and death.