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PhysiciansCare Aspirin (25pks/bx)
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    Brand: PhysiciansCare

    • PhysiciansCare Aspirin (25pks/bx)

      Part #: 922-11051

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    • Aspirin is a pain-relieving anti-inflammatory drug, this makes it especially effective for relieving headaches, muscle spasms, and reducing the pain and swelling after oral surgery. Aspirin also provides temporary relief for, arthritis, rheumatism, menstrual discomfort, toothaches, and fever reduction.

      Aspirin is available over the counter and with a prescription. Doctors may also prescribe aspirin as a preventative measure for heart attacks and strokes due to its anticoagulant properties.

      This product is perfect for storing around the house, or refilling pain medicine in a first aid kit.

      This box contains 25 packets of 2 tablets.

      **Active ingredient (in each tablet): Aspirin 325 mg (NSAID - Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug)

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