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Backpack First Aid Kits

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Full Line of Backpack First Aid Kits

Fieldtex backpack first aid kits are a necessity for any outdoor excursion. Fieldtex offers a selection of seven different backpack first aid kits that are stocked with e-first aid Supplies and can be chosen to fit your specific needs. The backpack packaging of our traditional first aid kit allows it to be taken anywhere that an emergency may occur, particularly when outdoors or hiking. Depending on your needs, another of our quality Fieldtex first responder kits may be more helpful.

  • Value: Fieldtex is committed to providing backpack first aid kits that are high quality at competitive prices. Our kits include first aid products by e-first aid Supplies so your backpack first aid kit selection contains the highest quality equipment at an affordable price.

  • Quality: Fieldtex backpack first aid kits contain products that are necessary in an emergency that occurs where immediate professional help is not available. To prepare for any first aid emergency, Fieldtex backpacks include bandages, CPR masks or shields, gauze, tape, gloves, and other e-first aid Supplies products that would be necessary in a wilderness emergency.

  • Selection: Fieldtex backpack first aid kits come in a variety of sizes and contents to make first aid preparedness in an unfamiliar environment more convenient including a blue backpack first aid kit or a red backpack first aid kit. If you would like to stock the backpack yourself with e-first aid Supplies that are more akin to your needs, we offer just the backpack.

    Activities in remote locations pose a risk for emergencies that cannot be immediately attended to by professional medical care. Specific Fieldtex first aid kits are useful tools to have on hand in case of an unexpected incident.