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EMS & Medical Kit Bags

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EMS Bags for Emergency Assistance

Fieldtex offers a variety of pre-assembled EMS, intubation bags in addition to a selection of empty bags which can be stocked with our supplies. Proper safety precautions must be taken as you never know when an injury may occur E-first aid Supplies offers bags available in many different styles and sizes with different contents based on your need. from fanny packs and backpacks to larger duffels, our EMS bags are stocked with specific EMS supplies for any emergency.

  • What Should First Responders Carry in Their EMS Bag
  • First Responders need to carry a well-equipped medical bag in their vehicles for emergency response. Practical supplies like medical scissors, oxygen bags, gloves, goggles, and essential tools like stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, and splint are crucial. They must also stock various rescue supplies, including trauma bags, dressings, bandages, and airway equipment. Emergency medications like aspirin, epinephrine auto-injector, and glucose gel are important for immediate treatment. An FDA-approved tourniquet is essential to control severe bleeding. However, First responders must exercise caution with medications due to the lack of patient medical history. Proper organization and quick access to supplies are vital for efficient response and patient care.

  • Are our EMS bags made in USA
  • Yes, all of the medical bags on this site are made in the USA at our facility in Rochester NY. We design, manufacture and test each design with our local ambulance and Fire equipment stations to ensure that they are up to the quality first responders expect in the field.

  • Common Nicknames for EMS Bags
  • EMS bags go by a variety of different names in different EMS Agencies some of the most common are: "Go Bag", "Rescue Bag", "Med Kit" "First-In Bag", "Rapid Response Kit", "Trauma Kit" there are of course other slang versions of these names and department specific names, but these names all generally mean roughly the same type of bag with a variety of life saving medical supplies in them. Also you can check out clearance EMS bag with heavy discount.