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Trauma Bags

Trauma Bags for Your Medical Supplies

Our trauma bags contain or can carry all the lifesaving prehospital medical treatment they need. We also stock and provide high quality equipment that professionals use on a regular basis. A trauma bag is essential for carrying any emergency medical supplies. offers an extensive selection of empty trauma bags that allow you to easily store and protect your supplies. With our services, a trauma kit is easy to stock with an assortment of first aid and EMS supplies. Select from our pre-assembled kits or customize your own.

  • What Types of Trauma Need Immediate First Aid?
  • Injuries that require immediate medical attention are: severe bleeding (amputations, gunshot wounds, stab wounds, teeth injuries, eye injuries, impaled objects, head injuries, spine/neck injuries, broken bones, and dislocations.

  • What do You Fill a Trauma Bag With
  • The distinction between what you put in a trauma bag vs. a first aid kit is significant. First aid kits primarily focus on minor injuries like cuts, burns, blisters, and sprains, offering a variety of items for these situations. In contrast, trauma bag are filled with highly specialized supplies, encompassing some first aid supplies alongside crucial equipment tailored for addressing life-threatening injuries. When filling your trauma bag, you'll reach for essential supplies to halt severe bleeding, manage major wounds, and maintain the stability of a casualty until professional medical assistance arrives. These supplies are crucial for handling critical situations that require rapid and effective intervention.