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Fire Gear Bags

Fire Gear Bags for Your Transportation Needs

As a firefighter, you have to handle a lot of heavy gear on each call. Our American made gear bags are key for keeping gear stored safely and easily accessible. Our gear bags will help keep jackets, pants, and other uniform gear in good condition wherever they need to go.

  • How to Properly Care for Turnout Gear
  • 1. Regularly inspect your gear for damage and wear. Firefighters live and die by whether or not their gear can protect them 2. Properly clean your gear. Contaminants, specifically carcinogens are prevalent during fires, so making sure your gear is not hazardous is paramount 3. Properly drying your gear after cleaning. Firefighting gear is very thick and takes a long time to dry, which gives bacteria and mold a chance to grow. 4. Properly store your gear. Keep your gear in a clean, cool, ventilated, and protected space.

  • Common Gear Found in a Fire Truck
  • Firefighters use a lot of different tools, both gas powered and manual. Some of the most common tools that firefighters bring in the truck are: chainsaws/rescue saws, gas powered fans, portable generators, the Jaws of Life and other hydraulic rescue tools, a fire axe, crowbar, fire blanket/burn blanket, portable oxygen tank, and cpr equipment.

    Transporting equipment and uniforms should not be a hassle. Our Fire Gear Bags make it as easy as possible to carry all of a firefighter’s protective equipment. The coat, pants, hood and gloves are designed to provide protection from heat, smoke, water and flames. It also shields against abrasions, punctures and cuts when performing rescue operations, making them extremely heavy. Firefighters also have to carry gear such as helmets, flashlights/headlamps, goggles, and specialized boots. Firefighters need protection from impacts, burns, debris, slipping, and flooding. Fire Gear Bags help organize and protect PPE so they stay in proper working condition.