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Burn First Aid Kits

What Is a First Aid Burn Kit?

A standard emergency burn kit is equipped with supplies and treatments to aid in burn emergencies. Each of our first aid burn kits is stocked full of quality burn treatment products like burn ointments and dressings. Most people can recover from burn injuries if treatment is provided swiftly and correctly. Our emergency first aid for burns kits are great for work environments like restaurants and construction sites where burns can be expected.

Our emergency burn kit includes crucial products to properly treat and manage mild and severe burns. We offer variations of first aid burn kits, depending on the type of case you want, and the number of supplies needed.

Severe skin burns are injuries that require specific medical attention. Our first aid burn kits are stocked with supplies including burn ointment to sterilize and reduce pain and burn dressings to promote healing and prevent the burn from worsening.

Whether you need industrial burn jel for your workplace or an emergency burn kit for your home, e-FirstAidSupplies offers the first aid for burns to fit your treatment needs.

Types and Degrees of Burns
Before attempting to use a first aid burn kit, you first need to identify the degree of the burn. First and second-degree burns can usually be self-treated with the right burn kit supplies. Third-degree burns almost always require immediate medical attention.
  • First-degree burns These burns are due to over exposure to the sun or contact with hot objects or fluids. The skin is painful and red, but not broken or blistered. To treat a first-degree burn, run the burn under cool water then apply a burn cream. A loose gauze dressing can be applied to keep the burn covered. First degree burns usually do not require a dressing after 48 hours.

  • Second-degree burns Second-degree burns usually have blisters and are very tender to touch. To treat a second-degree burn, carefully clean with water, pat dry and apply a burn cream. You can use a loose Non-adherent gauze dressings to cover the injured area each day. Do not break blisters as they help to prevent against infection. Prescription burn dressings can be applied to help cover and heal the area. Over-the-counter pain relievers can be used, but we recommend seeing a medical professional for severe, persistent pain.

  • Third-degree burns Third-degree burns may be blanched white or charred. In many cases, third-degree burns may not be painful because of nerve damage. Never attempt to self-treat a third-degree burn. Third degree burns and facial burns should be managed by a physician immediately.

What Additional Supplies Should First Aid Burn Kits Contain?